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When it comes to making a big purchase, such as a zero-turn mower, Spartan Mower understands customers are searching for a product that will give them their money’s worth.

Check out the FOUR reasons you should buy a Spartan Mower.


Spartan Mowers are not only American-made, but they are made of American steel and ingenuity that makes them some of the most durable and long-lasting mowers on the market. The frame alone on our mowers consists of 1.5″x 3″ Powder Coated Fusion-Bonded SOLID Steel Bridge Frame. In fact, it’s the same heavy-duty material used on Intimidator UTV’s. Other brands such as Toro use “rugged 3” x 2” tubular frame” on such models as their 60″ TITAN® HD 1500 Series Zero Turn Mower.


With Spartan Mowers, you don’t need a specific mower for flat land or a specific mower for hills. A Spartan is built to take on any terrain with features such as the foot assist easy-lift deck, turn-dial deck height adjustment that is easy to operate while mowing, and GT Trac for the best traction on inclines, precision weight distribution, balance, and overall control.

Other residential and commercial brands, such as Cub Cadet, have so many models to choose from because they focus on only one or two specific areas of the trade. Spartan Mowers focus on it all.


Whether you are mowing 2 acres or 20 acres, being comfortable while doing so is a major plus. Many mowers on the market offer “special” seats like the Scag’s Turf Tiger torsion spring suspension seat. However, Spartan’s Smart Ride Technology on SRT Series models is more than just a seat. You get middle and back elastomer TecsPak® and front neoprene cushioning to absorb any shock or jostling. This, along with our soft ride rear radial tires and our frame design with neoprene torsion bar, makes the Spartan SRT the smoothest ride on the planet.


Our competition will have you believe that in order to get such features as Spartan’s Smart Ride Technology, you need to dish out some major cash. However, Spartan Mowers are setting the standard by offering the most decked out mowers on the market at affordable prices.

Our base model, the RZ, starts at just $4799 and is packed with most of the Spartan standard features we are known for, as well as, several upgrade options. Our SRT Series starts out at just $6,399. Similar mowers such as Toro’s 60″ TITAN® HD 1500 Series starts at $7,221, and if you want to add the My Ride Suspension System (similar to Spartan’s Smart Ride Technology), then you are looking at professional contractor pricing that could easily slip into $10,000 or more.


One could spend hours comparing all of the zero-turn mowers out there. However, there is only ONE Spartan. Whether you choose the RZ, RT, or SRT Series, all are packed full of first-rate features at an incredibly affordable price point that put Spartan Mowers ahead of the competition.

American-made, durable, and proven to get the job done the right way. If you don’t have a Spartan, you don’t have the best. 

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